LED Lighting

Lighting is expensive, especially in an office setting, where hundreds or thousands of lights are used during business hours, costing thousands in electric bills in addition to the cost of maintaining these lights. In recent years, the LED lighting industry has grown rapidly, and the cost of installing these high efficiency, low maintenance systems has dropped dramatically, so much so that even home owners are now finding it cheaper to replace their high wattage incandescent bulbs with LED equivalents.

While more expensive than traditional lighting, LED solutions can net up to a 90% reduction in wattage for the same amount of usable light (compared to incandescent), emit almost no heat, turn on instantly, produce no sound, and can last up to 60,000 hours (nearly 7 years of continuous operation), many times longer than CFL and incandescent.


  • LED Controllers
  • LED Strip Lighting
  • Adaptive Lighting





Featured Manufacturers

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