Fiber optics

Copper conductor network cable has hard limits on the total length of cable (including patch cords). Modern cables can send their rated bit rate a maximum of 328 feet, which is fine for most small or medium sized businesses, but in a larger office area, a single data closet can’t reach every drop point. Adding a second data closet, and linking them with a 10 gigabit or 100 gigabit fiber backbone can effectively double the area that can be connected on the same network. This is also a solution for businesses that have numerous separate buildings, such as schools, or municipal complexes.

We can also extend fiber feeds from your ISP in order to reach a new data closet or server room.


  • Fiber splicing/fusing
  • Fiber Backbones
  • Fiber Switches

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"We had the pleasure of working with Randy and his crew at R-Options on a huge renovation project at our medical practice.  It was a 2 tier project that took a lot of information gathering and sharing.  Randy stepped right up to coordinate and “speak” that language that all parties needed to hear.  R-Options was always professional and immensely pleasant to work with."

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