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At R-Options, we have the capabilities to ensure your business is properly wired for the future. We can implement your structured cabling needs with the highest quality installation and workmanship. We work closely with manufacturers and partners to ensure your system is exactly what you need at an affordable price. Our highly skilled team can assist you in wiring new spaces or upgrade your existing systems to better serve your business.

We have the services and technology you need for your business, and the best people to install them. Our reputation for quality workmanship at an affordable cost has helped us become a leader in building commercial low-voltage cabling infrastructure.


Our world is becoming more fast-paced and requires employees to be less stationary. A robust wireless network throughout your building allows your team to be more mobile and not chained to their desks. A properly installed and maintained wireless system allows them to connect securely to company servers while saving you on costly conduit linking.


Wireless Access Points
Wireless Bridges
Site-wide Wireless Connectivity
Wireless Mesh Design

Access Control, Wireless, & Paging System Installation in Rochester, NY
Access Control, Wireless, & Paging System Installation in Rochester, NY

Hearing Assistance Systems

To help teachers and students who are hard of hearing communicate more effectively, we install hearing assistance systems. A flat panel speaker is installed in a classroom and the teacher uses a wireless microphone to deliver highly intelligible audio so it can be heard anywhere in the classroom.

White Noise Sound Suppression Systems

White noise offers a wide range of benefits in the office setting. For instance, it can reduce distractions, increase privacy, and decrease stress. We exclusively install Lencore sound suppression systems as they are one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Access Control, Wireless, & Paging System Installation in Rochester, NY


An intercom system is still one of the best methods of communication in the business world. Used mostly in hospitals and schools, we install and service paging systems, so you have the capabilities to reach your employees throughout the campus.


IP Paging Systems
Outdoor Public Annunciation Systems
Phone System Integration
Stand-alone Systems
Power Supplies

Cellular Extension Systems

Each year we are assessing more and more information on the go. To battle poor cellular signal throughout facilities we provide a cellular assessment inside and outside your facility. Our goal is to bring the signal strength from outside to the inside of your building. We accomplish this by installing cellular extension systems that are registered with FCC compliancy. Call for you free assessment today!

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