Audio/Visual in Rochester, NY

Security Systems

Upgrade your current security system or install a brand new surveillance system today with R-Options. Area businesses throughout Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas have come to rely on us to ensure their surveillance is properly installed. Businesses are no longer chained to the grainy, analog CCTV feeds, and can now update the security and surveillance systems to a high-definition version for better quality. We can also move all surveillance to your network and servers. We are proud to have been at the cutting edge of this transition since the beginning.

We have the services and technology you need for your business, and the best people to install them. Our reputation for quality workmanship at an affordable cost has helped us become a leader in building commercial low-voltage cabling infrastructure.


Surveillance Cameras
IP (Internet Protocol, network attached)
Infrared (night vision)
PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom)
POE (power over Ethernet)
Surveillance Recording Servers and Software
Motion and Position Triggers (lights, event logging)
Object Counting and Tracking

Security Cameras in Rochester, NY
Security Options in Rochester, NY

Access Control

Moving door access controls, card readers, and motion detectors to a central location on your network are becoming more commonplace in today’s business world. These used to be stand-alone security systems, but can now be managed over your network. We exclusively install S2 System platform to seamlessly unify your entire security system. We can even connect these controls to an uninterruptible power supply, or a backup generator to ensure they stay functional even during a power outage.


TCP/IP Integration
POE Powered Door Locks
Fail Safe/Fail Secure
Compatible with Most RF Card Types
Axis Camera Installation

Access Control in Rochester, NY
Access Control in Rochester, NY

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